Occurrence, isolation & synthesis

Silvery white metal, can also be found as black powder or a spongy mass [5].


In nature, palladium is found in the Earth's crust, 0.001-0.01 ppm, as alloy with platinum or gold, as a selenide in nickel sulfide ores and in minerals such as stibiopallandite, braggite and porpezite [5]. The isotopes found in nature are 102Pd (1.0 %, stable), 104Pd (11.0 %, stable), 105Pd (22.2 %, stable), 106Pd (27.3 %, stable), 108Pd (26.7 %, stable) and 110Pd (11.8 %, stable) [5].

In pure solid form, palladium exist in face-centered cubic crystal structure [5]