Occurrence, isolation & synthesis


In nature, silver is found in the Earth's crust, 0.1 ppm, in metal form, pure or mixed with copper, gold and lead, and in minerals such as argentite, cerarpurite (horn silver), prousite and pyrargyrite [7]. Silver occurs native as hydrothermal in ore veins and associated with other minerals [5]. In nature, silver is also found in sea water, 0.001 ppm [9]. The isotopes found in nature are 107Ag (51.35 %, stable) and 109Ag (48.65 %, stable) [9].

In pure solid form, silver exist in a face-centered cubic structure [9].

Notable Occurrences
Konigsberg in Norway, Germany, Mexico, Czech Republic and USA [5].

Associated Minerals
Silver minerals such as acanthite, stephanite, prousite, pyrargyrite copper, and other minerals [5].