Physical properties

Physical state @ 20°C: Solid [3]
Color: Can exist as either black graphite [3], (known as charcoal in the powdered form) or as the colourless gem diamond. Color is variable and tends toward pale yellows, browns, grays, and also white, blue, black, reddish, greenish and colorless.
Odor: Odorless as graphite [3]
Molecular weight (g/mol): 12.0107(8) [1]
Melting point (°C): List of melting points 4492 (Triple point) [2]
3800 (graphite) [3]
Boiling point (°C): List of boiling points 3825 (Sublimation) [2]
Density (g/cm3): Density list 3.514 (Diamond) [1]
2.2 (Graphite, 20 °C) [3]
Refractive index: Diamond: 2.4173 [2]
Solubility: Water: Insoluble (20 °C) (graphite) [3]